Apple’s Apple Cup will offer healthy alternatives to processed foods

Apple is set to launch a healthier alternative to packaged foods, as the company’s health products continue to face criticism.

Starbucks has been accused of misleading consumers with its products and marketing campaigns, which were branded unhealthy.

The company has been struggling with a decline in its sales, while it has faced criticism for using artificial flavours to make its products taste better.

The announcement comes as the world’s most popular coffee brand is facing pressure from consumer groups to reduce the amount of processed foods it sells.

The health-related food company is looking at introducing a new Apple Cup with a healthier selection of foods.

The product, which will be available on Apple’s website and in stores from April, will include a healthier breakfast, breakfast cereal and other options, as well as some organic products.

A spokesperson for Starbucks told Reuters the company had been working closely with the US Food and Drug Administration to examine new products and ingredients, and was considering making a statement on the issue in the coming weeks.

Starbuck is not the first company to introduce a healthier food option to its customers.

In September, British supermarket Tesco said it was testing a healthier version of its coffee, which it said would include a lower calorie count and less processed foods.

Starbursts coffee was a big hit in the US, selling around 9.5 million cups in 2014, and the company is also planning to introduce it in other markets, including China.

The coffee company said in a statement that the Apple Cup would be available for $12.99 and it would be a “significant part of Starbucks’ overall sustainability plan, including reducing waste, and in line with the company ‘green mission’ to be green and ethical.”

“This new version of the Apple cup will be made to our exacting standards and the Apple logo will be displayed at the bottom of the cup,” the statement added.

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