A new study finds a link between red meat and breast cancer prevention

A new research study has found that red meat consumption was linked to a reduction in breast cancer risk in a large Australian study.

Key points:Researchers analysed the health data of more than 20,000 Australian women and found that women who ate the most red meat were 10 times more likely to develop breast cancer than women who only ate red meatThe study also found a link to breast cancer among women who regularly eat red meatA recent review of other evidence suggests red meat may be a better option than other foods for reducing your risk of developing breast cancerThe study, published in the journal BMC Public Health, involved a cohort of more, more than 200,000 women who were followed up for more than a decade.

It found that consuming the most servings of red meat in Australia was associated with a 10-fold higher risk of breast cancer in women than women eating only white meat.

Women who ate red meats, such as steak, were also more likely than women in the general population to be diagnosed with breast cancer, with a higher incidence of the disease being seen in those who regularly ate red-meat.

“It’s important to note that we’re not talking about just the red meat here, but the red-and-white-meat type of meat as well,” lead researcher Dr Michelle Goulson said.

“What this study is showing is that it’s important for us to be aware that there is a link, it’s a link that exists between red meats and breast cancers.”

Dr Goulons research group is one of a number of groups that have been looking at red meat as part of a healthy diet.

“We’re actually looking at the red meats to see if they’re a good source of nutrients that we can take into our diet,” she said.

Dr Gouls study was funded by the Australian Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, the Australian Food and Drink Federation, the United States Department of Agriculture and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

It was the first study to look at the role of red meats in breast cancers.

“This is a really exciting piece of research, because we know that eating a lot of red and white meats is associated with increased risk of cancers of the breast,” Dr Goulon said.

The researchers found that the more meat consumed, the greater the risk of both breast and colon cancer.

Red meat consumption also had an association with a lower risk of colon cancer, but not the risk in the breast.

“A lot of the red and whites that we consume in the Western world are very high in calories, so it’s really important to make sure we’re actually getting as many calories from the food we’re eating as possible, particularly as we age,” Dr Saffron said.’

The health risks associated with red meat’The research also found that a woman’s risk of being diagnosed with colorectal cancer was 20 times greater if she regularly ate meat.

The risk of the development of the colon was higher in women who also regularly ate a higher-fat diet, but there was no association between meat consumption and the risk.

“So this is really interesting, it doesn’t appear that red meats are linked to any cancers of colon and rectum,” Dr Hilda said.

But the researchers warned that more research was needed to find out what the true link was.

“There’s a lot more that we need to know about this,” Dr Kaitlin said.


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