Abbott Nutrition: Red Potato Nutrition is a ‘bitter pill’

It’s no secret that Red Potato nutrition is the favourite amongst the Abbott Nutrition crowd, but the company is facing growing criticism after the revelation that its products contain toxic mercury.

ABC News’ Sophie McNeil spoke to Dr Tony Curnow, a professor of environmental toxicology at the University of Queensland.

“It’s really the bitter pill that’s the issue,” Dr Curnov said.

“We do not recommend using any of their products because of the toxicity.”

Dr Curnoow said the toxic chemicals found in the products were likely due to industrial waste and the presence of mercury.

“The company is trying to say, ‘We’re doing something that’s going to be good for our children, but it’s also bad for the environment,'” Dr Cournov said, pointing out that the product was made from contaminated soil.

“There’s no evidence that these chemicals are harmful, they’re simply different from other organic products.”

And in terms of the actual mercury content, I’ve never seen that in any of the organic products that I’ve been a part of.

“Dr Tony Cournoow says there’s no scientific evidence to support the use of Red Potato products.

(ABC News: Chris Healy)Red Potato Nutrition, which is based in Queensland, was founded by a former employee of the company, who has since resigned.”

This is a company that was in its infancy when we started,” Dr David Jellicoe, an environmental toxicologist and former Queensland Environmental Health Officer, told ABC Radio Brisbane.”

I think the company’s been trying to hide this for a long time.

“Red Potato is not an organic company.

It’s not a certified organic company.”

Red Potato nutrition, which has been around for more than 10 years, has been sold in Australia for decades.

The company said the product is sold in 100 countries, including the US, but not in the US.

“All our products are organic and certified organic,” Red Potato said in a statement.

“Our products are free of the most common contaminants found in natural foods, including heavy metals.”

But Professor Curnowitz says the product may not be suitable for the average person because of its high mercury content.

“If you’re trying to eat a product that is high in mercury, then it’s not good for you, and it’s probably not going to help you,” Dr Jellice said.’

I’ve never met a human being that could live on the same level of mercury as a child’Professor Curnog said there was little evidence to suggest that Red Potatoes products were safe.

“As far as I can tell, it’s the same as any other product,” he said.

He added that a recent study found mercury levels in Red Potatos products in the range of 1,000 micrograms per kilogram.

“To me, it would seem that the consumer of Red Potato products, as I said, has to be concerned about that,” he explained.

“Because if they don’t want that, then they should be consuming the same product.”‘

They’re doing a poor job of communicating’The company said it had taken action to address the issue, and was reviewing the mercury content of all of its products.

But Dr Cavanagh said the company had not provided any information about the amount of mercury in the product.

“They’re not providing any information that I can see on the product itself or what the content is, or any information on what the toxicity is of the product,” Dr McNeil said.”[But] the company has made a very strong and sincere effort to make sure that consumers are informed about what’s in their products, but they’ve also made it clear that they’re not doing a very good job of explaining it.”

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