How to get certified to eat organic parenters

Organic farmers and ranchers are coming under fire from a group of food safety activists after an undercover video released by the group Food Safety News shows them using fake food certification.

Organic farmer and rancher Mark Stossel told Food Safety news he is one of the people caught on video saying, “We do it the way it was done, we don’t care if it’s fake or not, because it’s organic.”

The video, released Wednesday, shows Stosse, who farms a organic farm in the Washington state town of Woodland, Montana, instructing workers to fill an empty cart with pears, apples, and almonds and to seal the cart in a plastic bag.

Stossell says he used a plastic sealer to seal his cart.

The group Food safety News said it recorded Stossels video after it was obtained by a group called The Food Lab.

The group said it found the video after an anonymous donor called them.

Stossel, a former member of the U.S. Agriculture Department, said he was “totally caught off guard” when he learned the group would release the video.

The video, which has since been taken down, shows him instructing a worker to put the empty cart in his cart and seal it in a bag, then instructing another worker to place a lid on the lid and seal the lid.

He says the worker who is shown using the plastic seal was a former USDA employee.

The Food Lab has received over 5,000 donations to date for its video, and Food Safety reports it is receiving donations from across the country.

Stosel said he didn’t want to speak on camera for fear of the activists.

But he said he does believe the video exposes the problems with certification and that the group should be ashamed of themselves.

Strossel said his organization, which operates six organic farms in Washington state, was never certified by the USDA and is in compliance with the USDA regulations, but said the video shows how the group has been duped by the certification process.

He said he did not know what kind of food was certified organic when he purchased the pears from the farm.

“I had to ask a farmer to come out and look at the cart,” he said.

Stonssel said it took a while for the USDA to verify the information he provided the farm’s employee, and he said the group had to re-do their certification process because the USDA never certified the pared fruit.

Stonssel also said he has been told he will be fined $100 for every fruit he sells in the state.

“It’s a really bad situation, but that’s my experience with it,” he told Food Science Now.

Stays organicThe group says it has been in contact with the U., the U-S.

Department of Agriculture, and the USDA.

We were just trying to figure out what to do, said Scott Haskins, a spokesman for the Food Safety Lab.

Haskings said the Food Lab is asking the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service to look into the matter.

Haskins said it is too soon to say if the group is in the clear or not.

We’ll have to go back and look, he said, but the group said they are doing everything they can to get in front of these types of organizations.

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