How to avoid wheat, barley, barley flour and other grains from the grain aisle

WASHINGTON — A wheat flour, barley and other grain aisle at Whole Foods Market has more than $500 million in gross sales, according to financial documents released Tuesday.

The $500.7 million in total sales of grains, grain products and other food products for the fourth quarter came to $1.19 billion, according the company’s annual financial statement.

The company reported a loss of $0.062 billion, or 13 cents per share, on sales of $1,052.4 billion, up from a loss a year ago of $940.6 million.

In a statement, Whole Foods CEO Craig Federighi said that the company has increased its focus on quality ingredients, with an emphasis on the high-quality and sustainable sources of protein and other nutrients.

“The growth in the grocery and convenience food sectors has created a need for a robust marketplace,” Federighin said in the statement.

“We are investing aggressively in our food processing, manufacturing and delivery services to support our customers’ long-term growth and our ability to provide value for our customers.”

The company has also been working with its suppliers to ensure that the food products they make and sell meet the highest standards of nutrition, he added.

The company’s financial results came as it continues to face pressure from some consumer advocates to reduce the number of grains in the diet.

Last year, Congress passed legislation to restrict the amount of grains allowed in the U.S. diet.

The measure was passed after several studies showed that the number and type of grains added to the diets of Americans were increasing.

The White House in May launched a national campaign called “Wheat for Health,” calling for a reduction in grains.

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