Why Kabocha?

In our quest to battle the obesity problem that exists worldwide, we have found pumpkin pentose an extract from the KABOCHA! Pumpkin pentose is a versatile, low glycemic, superfood ingredient that is packed with nutrients and as sweet as cane sugar! We have compared pumpkin pentose to many other natural alternative sweeteners available in the marketplace and we are yet to find one that comes even close in the overall versatility that pumpkin pentose offers. Since pentose is a sweetener extracted from the kabocha, a "vegetable" source, it is beneficial for an overall low-glycemic lifestyle.  Sweeteners like stevia have very little nutritional benefit or sweeteners like cane sugar, high fructose, agave or honey are too high on the glycemic index. High glycemic sweeteners are contributors to an obesity problem that has wreaked havoc on the health of consumers worldwide. Our goal is to be a game-changer in the battle to defeat this global obesity epidemic. Our solution is not for the consumer to give up their favorite foods, desserts, and beverages. The better solution is to simply replace the unhealthy sweeteners with pumpkin pentose. The result is the sweet taste of our favorite foods remains while the unwanted weight disappears! 


Much Love,

The Healthy Pumpkin Team