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Food, water and more: What you need to know about food safety and nutrition in the new health care manual

By Melissa ArsenaultMay 18, 2019 5:20PMA new manual for Canada’s health-care system says there are three major types of foods, and they’re all unhealthy.

Here’s what you need:NutritionCare Manual (NMC)Food safety and nutritional information.

Nutrition Safety &Nutritional Information Manual (NSM) Health and safety.

Health &Safety Manual (HSM) Nutrition and dietary guidelines.

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Australian restaurant group says it’s closing stores due to foodborne illness

A Melbourne-based restaurant group is facing foodborne disease challenges due to an outbreak in its supply chain.

Key points:A foodborne outbreak at a Melbourne restaurant has left more than a dozen people sickOne store has been closed and more than 40 staff members have been infectedA total of 26 people have been hospitalised in the outbreak, which began in September, and some have been discharged.

“It is a significant and significant strain on the workforce,” Andrew Dzambzi, chief executive of the Australian Beverage Association (AABA), told ABC News.

“The food safety issue at the moment is very serious and it’s impacting our operations.”

The association has been dealing with a foodborne incident since late September.

The outbreak has been traced back to an unnamed location, which has been shut down for more than four months.

“That location was a regional hub for some of our suppliers,” Mr Dzabzi said.

“There were a number of other locations in Australia where there was food and water contamination.”

In total, 26 people, including eight children, have been sickened, with six of those people still hospitalized.

“Our suppliers have been contacted by health authorities,” Mr Mathers said.

He said a number were in isolation, while other affected customers were still being monitored.

“We’ve seen people coming into our restaurant from all over the country and we’re seeing a significant increase in calls from people who are concerned about their food safety,” he said.

The AABA has been monitoring the outbreak closely, with more than 1,000 people coming to the organisation’s emergency hotline.

“Foodborne illness is a very serious issue,” Mr Zambzi said, adding that while the association was “well aware of the scale of the situation”, it was not at the stage of panic or panic over a possible foodborne epidemic.

“What we’ve found is that people are taking it very seriously, that they’re concerned about it, that it’s causing them concern,” he added.

“They’re concerned it’s a potential food safety risk.”

In order for us to be able to respond appropriately to those calls, we need to be aware of what we’re dealing with and how we’re managing it.


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